Door Entry Systems in Bromborough

Door entry systems in Bromborough are secure entry solutions designed to protect people and belongings or products.
At HG Vess we serve both domestic and commercial clients needing access control of their building and sections within the building. We can begin with secure access gates so you can control who steps foot at your front door. Our door entry systems are designed to meet your individual situation. The entry may be controlled by an access code or card so only authorised individuals in possession of the device or code can enter. Entry may also be controlled by an occupant. In some situations, such as hotels, large commercial buildings or apartment complexes, more than one system may be incorporated for one property.

For instance, an apartment building or commercial building may prevent entry to the parking garage or perimeter gates with barriers and gates manned or unmanned. In Bromborough, door entry systems allow entry to those with a code or proximity card to gain initial entry to the building. Within the office building or hotel, coded cards provide access to all or portions of the building. In a hotel, your access cards will permit you to enter the building and your room. In an office building your coded card may give you access to certain areas but not others. In your apartment building, your code card will permit entry into the building, common areas such as the fitness centre and pool and your own apartment.

The level of security provided by door entry systems in Bromborough is extensive because the cards are easily reprogrammed to accommodate access needs or in the event of the loss or theft of a code card. Door entry systems are designed to be controlled either electronically or by an occupant. Occupant control is most common for private homes and apartments. However, within an office or business setting, where money or sensitive paperwork is kept it’s common for only one person to have access to that area. Contact H G Vess for a site survey to determine the best secure door entry system for your premises. Our comprehensive security systems are installed and maintained by highly trained and background checked technicians with our twenty years of experience behind them.

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