Door Entry Systems in West Kirby

Door Entry Systems in West KirbyDoor entry systems in West Kirby to suit your purposes are available H G Vess. We tailor your entry systems to make it as convenient as possible for those allowed access while securely protecting against unwanted intruders. Our systems and designs cover a broad range. You should definitely have a system to protect your home. It might be as simple as a keypad entry code; wrong code or no code sets off a burglar alarm. That’s not too cumbersome for family members but adds a reliable layer of protection. Change the code frequently. It’s great for kids because they don’t have to worry about lost door keys. We can do a risk assessment of your home and make recommendations that that will provide the level of protection you want.

Pass key cards are effective in a block of flats with a public outer and main entry vestibule. In West Kirby, door entry systems would allow only residents of the building to access the main entry vestibule which leads to access to flats. These key cards can be reprogrammed easily enough from time to time for additional security. Each flat would then have its own key or you could use pass key cards for those too. In large older buildings key cards for each flat might be costly but kept in mind when major refurbishment takes place. The change wouldn’t even have to be done all at once but one flat at a time as tenants move in and out. We are security specialists and we can help you choose affordable security. A secure building draws long term tenants.

Large corporate office buildings with multiple floors, divisions and departments needs specialised door entry systems in West Kirby. If you want only certain employees to have access to the accounting department, only they get a key card for that department. Not everyone in the company should be poking around in Research and Development so you limit access to only the employees of that department. This kind of system can be designed and set up so it’s not as complicated or as divisive as it sounds. Contact H G Vess for more about door entry systems. After understanding your needs, we’ll design a flexible plan that we can fine tune together.

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