Wireless Intruder Alarms in Wallasey

Wireless Intruder Alarms in WallaseyWhen your priority is safety and security, get the right wireless intruder alarms in Wallasey from the specialists. At HG Vess, we cover all aspects of domestic and commercial security requirements to match your needs and budget. We can also design bespoke to match your requirements and ensure that your property and loved ones remain safe. Being a local company, we’re absolutely familiar with the prevailing security needs of the community and can help you with creating the most cost-effective and functional solutions. We supply, install and maintain a range of state-of-the-art modern burglar and intruder alarms. We also provide access control systems, CCTV and fire alarms according to your specifications.

For your home or business in Wallasey, wireless intruder alarms provide that extra net of safety. You’re much less likely to fall prey to opportunistic criminals when you have a well-fitted and well-maintained alarm system. One of the most important things to consider while fitting the system is what you really want it to do in case of an attempted break-in. There are different options available. Some alarms set off a loud noise that not only scares off the burglar but also alerts the property owner. Speech dialers automatically contact you or other designated people. You can also have a monitoring contract with the local police to take action whenever the alarm goes off. When you choose a wireless alarm, it is easier to install but tends to be more expensive than the wired types. Our range of wireless intruder  alarms are designed so that you stay in control – you can designate multiple codes for friends and family and ensure full power over who has access to your property.

Our wireless intruder alarms in Wallasey are neat, discreet and don’t stick out like sore thumbs in your home or office. For more information about our wireless intruder alarms, contact HG Vess. Many modern systems are multi-purpose, intelligent and programmable. They may have wireless key-fobs to arm and disarm them as required. You can also add smoke and flood detectors if you prefer. When you’re moving you can take the device with you. There’s little chance of interference or tampering with this system. Ensure that the batteries are well-maintained.

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