Nursing Home Intruder Installation in Greasby

Nursing Home Intruder Installation in GreasbyH.G. Vess Security Systems includes nursing home intruder installation in Greasby in the many services they provide. Their company received the NACOSS Gold Standard accredited for all their installation work from the National Security Inspectorate (NSI). H.G. Vess has been tailoring security systems to domestic and commercial customers for over twenty years. When you want an intruder alarm installed in a nursing home, it is to protect some of our most vulnerable citizens. Entrust their safety to highly rated H.G. Vess Security. The intruder alarms perform as intended by sounding an alarm. However, the alarms also alert staff when a resident unwittingly places himself in danger by wandering outside the safety of the facility.

In Greasby, nursing home intruder installation is necessary for keeping people out. Who poses a threat to nursing home residents? The cowardly criminal element find elderly persons easy prey. The senior citizens may have valuables in their rooms such as jewellery, electronic note pads and phones. Nursing homes will have some cash in gift shops and on site stores. However, the biggest draw is drugs, stored on the premises, for dispensing to patients. The alarm alerts staff that someone has entered the building. That person’s identity and reason for visiting is then documented. Staff members, working all hours, will feel much safer, as well.

Nursing home intruder installation in Greasby is one safety tool in the arsenal of H.G. Vess. When combined with closed circuit video cameras and access control pads the residents and staff will feel safer. Combining access control pads with the intruder alarm will allow staff to come and go freely without triggering the alarm. However, it is good safety policy to change the code periodically. Intruder alarms are highly effective as a deterrent to crime. The bad guys know the alarm will sound if they open the door. It is important for nursing homes to assure families their residents are safe. Families need to know outsiders will not be able to enter the building unannounced with harmful intentions. For an expertly done nursing home intruder installation, contact H.G.Vess.

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