Wireless Alarm System in Chester

Wireless Alarm System in ChesterAre you planning to move and you are wondering how to take your wireless alarm system in Chester with you? One of the cons of owning a wired alarm system is that you can’t take it with you when you move houses. Recently, we have had a client asking us for a flexible alarm system because the family was planning to move in the near future but they wanted the system to be installed right then because of a recent break-in. And of course, we, at HG Vess Security Systems suggested that they could most definitely try the wireless alarm system.

In Chester, the wireless alarm system can be taken with you to your new house when you move. However, the client was quite concerned regarding the security of the wireless system and stated that he had heard that such alarms could be easily hacked. We have heard similar statements from previous clients but it is important to understand how petty criminals work. They will attack any house without any sorts of security systems. Once they notice or know that the house is secured, they will not go the length of actually breaking the window because breaking a window or opening the door when the system is armed will raise the alarm, thus, scaring them away while waking up the whole neighbourhood. Moreover, in order to jam your wireless system, it will take someone who is very knowledgeable to do that. On top of that, he will need to know a number of items such as radio frequencies, the brand of the equipment, the model, and serial number and so on. While criminals easily hack alarm systems in movies, it is quite rare in real life. We are very confident that wireless systems are a great security measure.

We have been offering quality services including the installation of wireless alarm systems in Chester for over 20 years now. We are an NSI NACOSS Gold Accredited company and we would love to help you secure your home. For information about a wireless alarm system, contact HG Vess Security Systems.

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