Intruder Alarms in the Wirral Region

0031Two of the most common questions we receive are whether intruder alarms in the Wirral are necessary and if we cover both private and commercial systems. The simple answer is that everyone should have the safety of an alarm system because you never know what may happen.  HG Vess provides consultation and services for all types of alarms because we strongly believe that a secure home is a happier home. You can rest assured that your personal or commercial needs will be met through the use of our systems.

Even though Merseyside Police reports that they are keeping the number of  burglaries down , we guarantee that in most cases in the Wirral area an intruder alarm system would have prevented these occurrences or greatly lessened the damage. Due to the breadth of our clientele, we offer a large variety of systems from the simple to the complex. We understand that certain individuals and businesses may need heightened security for their valuables and assets, and we work with you in determining exactly what your needs may be. It is very common to personalize the system to fit these needs, whether that is done through providing each individual in a family with their own personal passcode or using a single code for a business center.

HG Vess has supplied intruder alarms in the Wirral for over 20 years to hundreds of clients. If you are even beginning to question whether you may want to install an alarm system, then you should contact us. We are not selling you a product but providing you with security and peace of mind. As a family-run business, our clients become an extension of our family, and we will take care of you to the best of our ability! Give us a call or stop in at our offices. We are ready to help!


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