Fire Alarms in Bebington

Fire Alarms in BebingtonEffective fire alarms in Bebington are an important safety feature for any building. This is even more so if it is a public building or workplace. In fact, it is a government stipulated requirement, that fire alarms and other fire safety measures be installed and maintained in all business and non-domestic premises. The responsibility lies on the employer or owner of the building to ensure that all fire safety requirements are met, including risk assessments, providing fire safety training and instruction to the occupants or employees, and having an emergency plan in place. One of the first steps to take is installing a fire alarm system. HG Vess supplies and installs four different types of fire alarms to suit your specific building requirements, preferences and budget.

Do you know what type of fire alarm would be best suited to your needs? In Bebington, fire alarms from our store can be part of conventional fire alarm systems, addressable fire alarm systems, analogue addressable fire alarm systems or wireless fire alarm systems. Each has their own benefits and features, but all do the same job: to alert you to a fire in your building so that you can respond immediately and safely evacuate. If you are unsure of which alarm system to install, speak to one our friendly and experienced team members. We offer free quotations on our products as well as a free survey of your building, which will help us make the best recommendation. Once you have the ideal fire alarm system selected, we will promptly install it for you in strategic areas of your building for complete coverage.

Contact HG Vess for fire alarms in Bebington today. For over twenty years we have providing the area with safety and security services. We supply only top quality fire alarm system products and install them to exacting standards. To ensure that your safety is covered, we also offer regular inspections and maintenance services to keep everything in excellent condition. We are proud to have achieved the NACOSS ‘Gold’ standard accreditation from the NSI for our installation work.

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