Wireless Alarm System in Sealand

Wireless Alarm System in SealandA wireless alarm system in Sealand can be fitted to any building in a number of different combinations. We can install your new alarm within 6 hours depending on the size of your home. Our wireless alarms look neater and are far quicker to install than the wired system as there are no wires to be fitted under carpets or glued to cornices. The motion detectors and other components are still visible and will show any potential intruder that the house has an alarm system. There are many other benefits to installing a wireless system.  If you move to a new home you can quickly and easily remove the devices and have them re-installed in your new home. Should you wish to have a new conservatory alarmed. there is no problem, we will put in the required detection devices in a few minutes and link them to the main control panel.

When you need to alerted to someone breaking into your factory in Sealand, a wireless alarm system can notify you immediately if a window or a door is opened. Having a wireless alarm system nowadays is safe and secure.  They cannot be jammed by signals emitted by intruders as they have anti-jamming systems and they have the technology to stop people from intentionally obstructing their motion detectors.  Pets are no problem as the wireless system can be set by us to ignore small moving objects so that your pet will never unintentionally set off the alarm. Service and maintenance is relatively easy as the batteries will let you know when they are running low and need changing. You can have different codes for different people so that you always know who has been into the office or home.

Wireless alarm system in Sealand is your best protection against burglars or intruders. Contact H G Vess today to arrange a visit by one of our highly qualified engineers.  Our many years of experience will make sure that you receive only the units you need, so saving you money.

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