Fire Alarms in Greasby

Fire Alarms in GreasbyFire alarms in Greasby are obligatory by law for any office, factory, business, school or college. These need to be correctly maintained and working at all times. You as the owner or responsible person need to be sure that if the worst happened your fire alarm would give accurate and timeous warning. We will check your system and make sure that it is working. There are four different types of fire alarms that we install. The first is the conventional fire alarm system. This is the basic that anyone needs and is very cost effective. It consists of a control panel with detectors and call points. When there is a fire the control box will show the general site of the fire and the alarm will sound. This can be a horn, a siren, or a bell. The system is fairly simple.

When you need to fit an essential warning system in Greasby, fire alarms can be obtained from a reputable and experienced company. Other fire alarm systems are more complex. They will give a far more accurate response. These are the intelligent state of the art systems. They can tell you exactly where the fire has started and some can even ring the fire brigade. They have detectors and sensors which can establish if indeed there is a fire and will pin point the location. They are mainly used to obviate false alarms. There is also a wireless version of the smart system which can be fitted with no need for cabling. In large companies it is often better to have an intelligent system as they have many more ports and can cover a far larger area than the conventional system.

Fire alarms in Greasby are available to fit any pocket and situation. Contact HG Vess today and we will visit your premises and assess the fire alarm system that is best for you. Our expert staff will advise you on the various options and offer you a quotation for the system you choose.

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