The Importance of Fire Alarm Installation Service In West Kirby

Fire Alarm Installation Service In West KirbyHave you considered the importance of fire alarm installation service in West Kirby? We received a query recently regarding installations in residential buildings. There are various reasons to install a fire alarm but we will allow statistics to speak for themselves. According to statistics published by the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2012, there were more fatalities in fire-related houses where there were no smoke alarms. Alarms operated and raised alarm in 38% of the houses which were equipped with a fire alarm. In the 34% which represents the number of houses where alarms were not equipped, there was a reported number of 105 fatalities and 2,400 non-fatal casualties.

In West Kirby fire alarm installation service is an important issue to consider. Without the proper protection you could also be putting your neighbours at risk. HG Vess Security Systems provides a wide variety of systems that you may choose from depending on the type of building you live and your budget. There are four main types of fire alarms that are installed by the company; conventional, addressable, analogue addressable and wireless fire alarm systems. The conventional one is the most cost-effective type of alarms that will do the job whereas addressable fire alarm is the more state-of-the-art and intelligent alarm system in the sense that it will show the exact point of origin in case of fire. The third type, the analogue addressable fire alarm system is truly smart and perfect for large buildings as they are able to detect fires from false alarms or short circuits, and the wireless alarm system is great as there is no cabling needed, there is less disruption when they are installed in the house and they are known for their resistance to fire.

A fire alarm installation service in West Kirby shouldn’t be an issue that causes you any unnecessary distress or concern. Whether you own a house or a small business, it is possible and has become crucial for your safety as well as the safely of those living and working in the building. For a free quote or survey, do not hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to hear from you. Contact HG Vess today.

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