Do you need an Intruder Alarm in Wallasey?

Intruder Alarm Enquiry In WallaseyHG Vess Security Systems received an intruder alarm enquiry in Wallasey recently. We are a family business with a strong team of experienced, highly skilled and helpful staff. Over the last 2 decades, we have built a reputation for excellence and are proud of our ISO 9001 and NACOSS ‘Gold’ standard accreditations. In addition to the installations we do, part of our work is responding accurately to enquiries from the public and customers.

In Wallasey, intruder alarm enquiry calls and mails often ask what exactly is involved in this type of security system. Essentially there are three components: the control panel, motion sensors and sensors on opening doors and windows and a connection to a company that monitors alarms and responds to them. Both domestic and commercial customers have the option of using wireless, wired or hybrid units. These systems vary in terms of sophistication. Some customers opt for a fairly basic one while others, particularly commercial customers, require far more sophisticated systems. Just having a system installed is sometimes enough to deter would-be burglars. What these systems do is monitor the access to your home or business. If a sensor picks up movement where there shouldn’t be any, or contact on a sensor is broken when a door or window is opened, an alarm will sound. It may be audible or a silent alarm. The alarm could be linked to a security company that will respond. At HG Vess we are also prepared to customise a system for a customer because we know that, even though the aim is the same, all of our customers have different premises and needs.

So, if you have a enquiry about intruder alarm in Wallasey, contact us at HG Vess Security Systems and we will provide you with any information you require. We also offer surveys and free quotes in addition to installations and maintenance. Why wait until it’s too late? Don’t be the person who says, “If only…” Contact us today and let our teams of professional make sure that your world is as safe as possible. You know you deserve it. Call us today!

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