CCTV Installer in West Kirby

CCTV installer West KirbyHG Vess Security Systems is an experienced CCTV installer in West Kirby. Our company has specialised in the provision of reliable and cost effective security solutions for retail, commercial and domestic customers for many years, and one of the core aspects of our business is the installation and maintenance of CCTV. In addition to the technical questions about the cameras and monitoring systems, we have been asked more general questions by our customers too.

As a security company in West Kirby, and CCTV installer, we have often found ourselves in a position where we needed to provide information of a far broader and more basic nature. This article seeks to address several of the questions that have been put to our staff. Closed-circuit television or CCTV technology uses video cameras to monitor an area and to transmit a signal to a specific place where the image is displayed on monitors. It is a “closed circuit” because it is not an openly transmitted signal the way public television is. CCTV is most commonly associated with surveillance and it was developed in 1942. The first recorded anti-crime application was as far back as 1968. Today these systems have become an integral and common part of safeguarding people and property, monitoring areas at various types of locations and carrying out surveillance of both exterior and interior areas. Crime prevention is of course one of the most common reasons to install CCTV. However, they are also used to monitor industrial processes, traffic and staff movements. Regardless of why a customer may require CCTV at a home, retail or commercial business, we have the solution that will meet his or her needs. We also provide the technology and carry out both installation and maintenance.

If you require a CCTV installer West Kirby contact us at HG Vess Security Systems. Our website provides details of our range of security services and products. Please call us today so that you too can have peace of mind. Our friendly staff will arrange for a free quote and survey of your home or business as your first step in obtaining CCTV tailor made for you!

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