fire alarmRecently, a new installation of fire alarms in The Wirral provided one of the projects that will remain close to our hearts here at HG Vess Security Systems. Our company has specialized in the provision of reliable and cost effective security solutions for many years, and one of the core aspects of this is the installation and maintenance of fire alarms. We had the good fortune to be called on to carry out an installation at the home of an extraordinary couple who have taken in various foster children for over two decades.

The home in question in the Wirral had fire alarms, but they were old and inadequate to guarantee the safety of those in the house. At HG Vess we offer our customers a range of fire alarm systems to select from depending on budget and individual circumstances. The couple in this case were informed about the four categories of fire alarms that we install, namely conventional systems, addressable systems, analogue addressable systems and wireless fire alarm systems. All of these operate on the same principle but vary in sophistication and specifics. Based on their situation, the decision was made to use a conventional system as it was felt that the others were both more complex and costly than met the case. The home was divided into fire compartments by our expert staff. Then, new call points and detectors were installed and wired to the fire alarm panel in corresponding zones. On the control panel itself there are lamps which show exactly where in the home there is a fire.

Our website offers full details of the range of services and products we offer. Please call us today so that you too can have peace of mind. Our friendly staff will arrange for a free quote and survey of your home or business as your first step in obtaining the fire alarms our Wirral office can provide and maintain for you! Find out more on our website.

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