Businesses Stay Safe with Fire Alarms in West Kirby

0019Looking for fire alarms in West Kirby?  If you own a large factory or business – how many fire alarms do you need? The specialists at HG Vess will assess your needs and your budget, and come up with a custom solution that will keep your factory or business premises safe. When researching fire alarms in West Kirby, it must be borne in mind that no matter the type of fire alarm system, they all operate essentially on the same principle: if the fire detector identifies smoke or heat, the alarm sounders will notify people in the building that there might be a fire and the need to evacuate.

In West Kirby,  fire alarm systems come in a wide range from HG Vess Security Systems to suit any budget, preference or circumstance, installing four fire alarm systems: Conventional, Addressable fire alarm, Analogue addressable fire alarm, and Wireless fire alarms. Large premises need a system that can be monitored from one single panel: an analogue addressable fire alarm system is best for this. Each system consists of 127 input devices-smoke detectors, call points-and 32 output devices-loop sounders, relay modules – all of which can be connected to each detection loop, with systems available in 2, 4 and 8 loop versions. Each detector uses its own computer to monitor the surrounding environment, and if there is an incident which requires a response, communicates it to the control panel.  Slightly more complex than conventional or addressable systems, this is why it is also known as “intelligent fire alarm systems” and is very effective in large premises.

Should you wish to stick with the Conventional Fire alarm system, this is the most cost-effective way of detecting and warning of a fire. There are a number of call points and detectors wired to the fire alarm control panel in marked zones, which can be wired per floor or fire compartment. Zone lamps on the control panel will show the location in the building where a fire has started. A little more high-tech is the Addressable fire alarm system. It is very similar to the Conventional system, but is able to pinpoint which detector or call point has initiated the alarm. The detection circuit has the ability to connect up to 99 devices to each loop. The Wireless fire alarm system is an alternative to traditional wired fire alarm systems – it uses secure, licence-free radio communications with interconnect sensors, smoke detectors and call points with the controllers. It provides the benefit of a full analogue addressable fire detection system, without any cables. As you can see, all of the above are important factors to consider when installing a fire alarm in West Kirby. If you have any further questions, or are interested in a quote, please contact HG Vess Security Systems.

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